Restructuring and Bankruptcy Practice

Restructuring and Bankruptcy

Our Restructuring Practice provides ad valorem tax consulting services to some of the nation’s largest companies facing restructuring. Over the past 20 years, we have helped clients achieve over 100 million dollars in tax savings through both in and out of court restructuring. Our value creation process employs innovative techniques and a multi -disciplined approach to achieving these savings. We partner with our clients on a results-based, risk-free structure.

Many organizations turn to restructuring as a strategic decision to realign internal structures with changing macro-environmental factors. Once the restructuring process begins, organizations implement aggressive cost cutting measures, however, typically overlook ad valorem/property taxes. By virtue of their standing as a quasi-governmental agency, organizations often pay property tax claims without a detailed review of their underlying merit or validity. Experience shows that our fresh look at these values greatly enhances the savings/refund potential.

The amount that ultimately gets paid to the tax office certainly isn’t cast in stone as there are significant opportunities to adjust property taxes both in and out of the bankruptcy court venue. It takes an expert’s review to quantify the “true recovery” opportunities available in each case.

Our team incorporates all of the legal, valuation and tax expertise necessary to evaluate and adjust your tax assessments and liabilities. The savings created is often a sizable asset to be utilized by the debtor’s estate, distributed to other parties with an interest or used for ongoing business operations.

When bankruptcy is inevitable, our goal is to assist our clients by seeking a fair and equitable distribution of assets. Our experts have emerged as a significant resource in managing the property tax claims process for companies that have already filed for bankruptcy or are likely to declare bankruptcy in the near future. We assure that the taxing authorities are meeting the valuation standards of each state. Trust your restructuring efforts to a proven organization with the knowledge and experience to get back what is rightfully yours.

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