Property Tax Experts

Since we have been in business since 1986, we have become the experts in the field of property tax negotiations. During this time we have partnered with corporations and businesses to correct over assessed property valuations. Lawyers and attorney’s come to us often to help them navigate through the complexities of the property tax system.

Common attorney property tax issues

  • Do you clients ever complain about paying too much property tax on their commercial buildings?
  • Do they ever ask you questions about escape notices or supplemental tax bills?

With the recent federal changes to the property tax law there is a lot of confusion and questions about ongoing tax liability but our team has meticulously reviewed the changes and found opportunities for our clients.

If you are unsure on how to advise them, we can help you. We have helped commercial and energy properties throughout the United States secure millions of dollars in property tax refunds through our exhaustive appeals process.

Some situations where filing an appeal might be a benefit for your clients

Decline in value:

Where the recession hit and the property value has declined and not recovered but the assessed value has increased 2 % per year. Those types of properties can be appealed and we can get tax refunds

Stagnant value:

Did you know that a 2% increase every year over ten years can increases the assessed value by 22%. If your market value hasn’t kept up, there’s another opportunity for an appeal.

Changes in Ownership

If you are helping a client with gifting or selling of family partnerships or there’s a death in the family, typically these properties need to be revalued for assessment purposes and usually the assessor is very aggressive in valuing them. These should be appealed and if we win that appeal, it’s a permanent reduction; you will have that reduction for as long as you own the property.


If there is a flood, fire or special situation, this will cause a change in property value and thus should also lower the assessed property tax value.

The appeal deadlines vary by state and city but if you need any property tax appeal assistance, please let us know. We are the nations leader in commercial and energy property tax knowledge. Let us put our experience to work for your clients.