AT Tax Advisory Practice Group

Property Taxes

At AT Tax Advisors, our Tax Strategist’s role is to deliver on a specific strategy throughout the engagement…… the best overall tax value for our client’s business. Through either a direct engagement for our services or under our firm’s proprietary Tax Assurance program, we help ensure that our clients desired goals and expectation are met.

AT Tax Advisors assists companies throughout the United States with not only reducing their ad valorem tax liabilities but also in creating paradigm shifts in how the assets are assessed on a go-forward basis. These results do not come easily. Intensive research develops creative solutions and we often invest our own capital during the process to maximize returns.

This is where we separate ourselves, focusing on “maximizing results” and not “fees” in an otherwise commoditized industry.  Our track record of success has proven this model delivers superior results for discriminating clients who recognize the contribution of effective tax management. Whether with a solvent company or a company going through a  restructuring, we far exceed expected industry norms for cash returns to our clients.